We're Passionate About Helping You Cultivate Your Message

 Life Focus currently provides video productions services to over 200 businesses internationally spanning a wide range of industries however our top industries are listed below.   If you do not see what you’re looking for, please let us know and we can provide you with a sample that matches your needs.



We have used video content as a means to inform citizens about the services provided to them through their local government and attract potential residents to the area.

We’ve produced safety training videos to reinforce safety training classes and reduce the number of injuries on the job, promotional videos with an emphasis on economic development to attract new corporations to the area, and overview videos to help boost tourism efforts as well.

Our goal is to understand what obstacles stand in the way of effectively communicating with constituents and create a video strategy to help overcome those barriers.



Marketing a locality can be a difficult task but we’ve helped numerous towns rise to the occasion.  At the heart of destination video marketing is a desire to communicate more efficiently.  Overview videos are an excellent tool for summarizing the amenities and advantages of your hometown.  We have taken those mini documentaries and turned them into television commercials for broadcast and formatted them for the web for online based marketing.  Ultimately the goal of tourism video content is to show tourists what makes you unique and drive them to your website to learn more.

Recent Clients Include:

  • Town of Leesburg
  • Town of Appomattox
  • City of Lynchburg
  • Halifax County/Town of South Boston

Financial Institutions

It is important to instill trust in your financial institution through your video marketing.  We have worked with a range of banks and credit unions to create television campaigns to advertise the unique qualities of each organization.  The financial banking industry is constantly changing but we take the time to learn your brand so your branding stays consistent as your messages evolve.

Recent Clients Include:

  • Bank of the James
  • Beacon Credit Union
  • Your Community Central Virginia Federal Credit Union

Product Development

We produce both English and Spanish video content for purchase.  Our full service production capabilities allow us to take a project from a concept to packaged DVDs in multiple languages.  Our company currently produces video content that is sold nationwide on DVDs and live streaming.  In some cases the product is already developed but clients need a way to articulate to the client how to use the product.  Engaging product demonstration videos are an excellent way to educate your potential buyers on your product.

Recent Clients Include:

  • Fleet Laboratories
  • Successful Innovations
  • Virginia Advanced Study Strategies, in partnership with the United States Department of Education
  • Sandhills Utilities Services at Fort Bragg

Professional Services

Video testimonials are a common request for professional service providers.  Testimonials inform potential customers about the services you provide while vouching for the integrity of the business.  It’s a way to capture word of mouth in a tangible way.  We have also produced numerous narrative TV commercials to cut through the clutter on the air and make your business stand out in a compelling way.  Our technique of using local actors in local communities helps increase audience engagement and helps our clients generate more sales.

Recent Clients Include:

  • Beynon, a Tarkett Sports Company
  • Blue Ridge Optics
  • Forest Direct Primary Care


We are passionate about not just marketing products but brands.  Our retail commercials are high concept lifestyle commercials.  For most retailers their products are impulse buys.  So we focus on feeling the items provide and build a concept around emotion.  It’s a common known fact that if you intellectually connect to a brand you’ll justify it second.  That’s the goal when we approach a retail project.

Recent Clients Include:

  • Bloom by Doyle’s
  • Gladiola Girls
  • Bowen Jewelry Company


Our work with non-profits is quite diverse.  Our company has committed to supporting a church planting organization called Living Bread Ministries.  We create engaging green screen video content for LBM to allow them to keep their donors informed and attract new donors.  We’ve also filmed testimonials for them as well.  For other organizations we have created fundraising videos to help them accomplish funding goals and we’ve also done event advertising as well.

Recent Clients Include:

  • Virginia Legal Aid Society
  • Johnson Health Center
  • The Salvation Army
  • Greater Lynchburg Community Trust