Based on the information provided, we have prepared this proposal demonstrating our understanding of your needs and our ability to meet them. We would be honored to provide your organization with video production services in 2019. If you have any questions about this proposal, please reach out to our producer, LaShonda Delivuk at 434-515-1325 or

The proposal below is valid for 10 business days.
When you’re ready, please hit the button below to respond to your proposal. Have a great day!


Scope of Work

After meeting with LaShonda during your website onboarding session I received a list of video ideas:

  • An About Video for RD4WK

  • Product Demo Video to show the platform without customers needing to buy

  • FB Video Ad to drive traffic to your website to help attract teachers who would share your site with an administrator

She also talked about how you brainstormed having one professional module created or shooting the first generation of video yourself and then replacing them later. The best client relationships we have are retainer clients. They pay us a set monthly fee as a payment plan on the videos they would like to do during the year.

I could create a product demo video but it would be showing the prototype videos unless our company produced the content for RD4WK from the beginning. It would cost you around $3,000 for the camera, audio, lighting and editing equipment to do it on your own and it won’t sell as well as professional content.

I would be willing to shoot your first generation of videos, create an about video, a product demo video and a video ad for $1000/month. You would have the first generation of videos ready by the time your site launches in March. We would shoot all the interviews and then we can go back and add animations and graphics when you’re ready for the 2nd generation. We’d create the product demo video to help you sell, the video ad to drive traffic to your site and end with the About video.

This way you’re selling the professional videos from the beginning and instead of having to pay for everything up front you can spread it out.

If you’d prefer for me to quote out each thing individually I can but I think this is the best fit for you while you’re in startup phase.

related video samples

Josh & LaShonda Delivuk with the 2016 Small Business of the Year Award

Josh & LaShonda Delivuk with the 2016 Small Business of the Year Award

About Life Focus Pictures

headquarters: 1084 blue ridge view circle forest, va 24551

Life Focus Pictures was founded in 2011 in Central VA. Currently, LFP creates video content in both English & Spanish for over 200 organizations worldwide. With expertise in strategic marketing, theatre and film, Life Focus is uniquely positioned to communicate how to use Hampton Roads Transit while simultaneously implementing social media marketing strategy.

In a recent video project for a startup in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the client reached 28,582 people on Facebook with 13,202 video views & 985 comments, reactions, & shares, 141 new page likes within the first 48 hours. The video was also placed on Instagram at the same time and received 8,311 impressions, 3,658 views, 157 comments, 112 new followers. The combination of video ad placement on both platforms resulted in sales within minutes of posting the content.

We have three core members on our team which keeps our operations lean and helps us maintain competitive pricing. Our team expands to include specialists like scriptwriters, drone pilots and translators based on the complexity of the project. In 2016, Life Focus was awarded Small Business of the Year in the Business/Professional Services category by the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance. All three team members actively produce content for revenue producing YouTube channels which keeps the team on top of the latest trends in video marketing. 

From Left to Right: Joshua Delivuk, LaShonda Delivuk & Thomas Fisher

From Left to Right: Joshua Delivuk, LaShonda Delivuk & Thomas Fisher

Meet the Team

josh delivuk-director

After serving 6 years in the United States Marine Corps, Joshua founded Life Focus Pictures and currently serves as a principal partner and director.  He has directed over 400 videos over the past decade.  Projects ranged from industrial training videos, quirky web content to large scale ad campaigns for international brands including TEVA, Fleet Laboratories, & The Salvation Army. 

lashonda delivuk- producer & strategist

LaShonda has consulted over 100 organizations internationally and travels around the country teaching service organizations how to utilize public image to increase membership and giving. In 2018, she was awarded the Douglas A. Newton Excellence in Communications Award. With degrees in Theatre Arts Performance and Production, combined with a decade of experience in strategic marketing, LaShonda handles everything related to pre-production to ensure the clients' vision comes to fruition.

thomas fisher - editor

Thomas currently serves as the Editor for Life Focus Pictures.  He graduated from college with a BA in Communications at age 18.  Immediately following college, he traveled around the world working on the video documentary series, Pilgramers. In 2013, he redirected his focus to narrative filmmaking. Since then, he has worked constantly on projects ranging from commercials to feature films. He has a wide range of skills and is proficient in editing, lighting, cinematography, and animation and currently maintains a video essay YouTube channel with 55k subscribers.


Company Capabilities

Story Design

  • Screenplays (Short & Feature)

  • Scripting for Online Content & Branded Films

  • Translation into Spanish Available Upon Request

  • TV Ad Scripting and Copywriting

  • Storyboarding & Pre-Visualization

Practical Production

  • Directing & Producing

  • Production Planning

  • Production Management

  • Production Design

  • Cinematography (Full HD)

  • Studio & Location Shooting

  • Gear Rentals

  • Teleprompter

  • Casting & Crewing

  • Practical (Non-Digital) FX

Digital Production

  • Data Management & Digital Imaging

  • Editing

  • Color

  • Sound

  • Lighting

  • Animation

  • Logo Reveals

  • Typography

Digital FX

  • Object Removal

  • Sign Replacement

  • Set Extension

  • Keying & Compositing

  • Motion Tracking


  • Drone Pilot Available Upon Request


  • Behind the Scenes Photography

  • Website Photos

  • Headshots

  • Social Media Post Content

  • Product Photography

  • Print Publication Supplemental Photography


  • Subtitles

  • DVD Mastering

  • DVD Duplication

  • Broadcast TV Delivery

  • YouTube Channel Management

  • Vimeo Channel Management

  • Digital Ad Creation

  • Movie Theater Ad Creation

  • Facebook Video Ad Creation

  • Instagram Post Content Creation

  • Instagram Story Content Creation